2020-21 HSO Executive Board Application Information

The Honors Student Organization is looking for students who are interested in being part of the executive board for the upcoming academic year. The following positions are available for 2020-2021:

  • Academic chair (organizes speakers and food for Wednesdays at Washburn/Chadbourne)
  • Social chair (plans social events for honors students)
  • Service chair (plans volunteer events for honors students)
  • Communications chair* (sends emails, designs calendars/flyers for information on events)

*The 2019-2020 communications chair, Zoe Klein, will be available to help during the fall of 2020.

To apply, you please complete this application in Google forms. The questions are listed below, and responses should be under 250 words. If you would like time to work on the application and review it, we recommend writing your responses in a separate document before copying your answers into the Google form.

The target deadline for applications is April 28, so we have time to discuss responsibilities for 2020-2021 with the new members. If you are planning to apply, but cannot complete the application by April 28, please email amcdonaldlew@wisc.edu so that we can accommodate your application.

Application questions:

  • Please attach a resume (include any relevant experiences, i.e. clubs, leadership positions, etc.).
  • What position are you applying for?
  • Why are you applying for that position?
  • What qualifies you?
  • What are your commitments for next year, will you be able to prioritize HSO?
  • What are your ideas for next year? (ex. events, plans, etc)
  • If you aren’t selected for the position you listed above, would you be willing to be considered for other board positions?

If you have questions about the position duties or application, feel free to reach out to any of the current officers listed below. It can be especially helpful to connect with someone who has served in a position you are interested in.