The annual Honors First-Year Dinner fosters early connections

First-year Honors students begin their evening with a shared meal overlooking beautiful Lake Mendota.
First-year Honors students begin their evening with a shared meal overlooking beautiful Lake Mendota.

Over 120 first-year Honors Program students converged on the Alumni Lounge in the Pyle Center to share a meal and converse with 25 faculty and staff members during the Honors First-Year Dinner on October 4.

Attendees enjoyed a buffet meal while seated at tables with at least one faculty member and students representing a mixture of interests. After the meal, the “grown-ups” introduced themselves and redistributed across the room to host tables about various themes. Conversation topics ranged from exploring the Humanities and liberal arts to other places and cultures to leadership and service, both on campus and in life. Most student attendees spoke to at least three faculty members by the end of the evening and were offered personal responses to their questions and interests. Conversations continued well past the sunset over Lake Mendota.

Thank you to all the faculty and campus partners who helped make this annual tradition a success!

Participating faculty and staff:

  • Cal Bergman (Associate Dean of L&S: Student Academic Affairs)
  • Eric Wilcots (Dean of L&S; Astronomy)
  • Vinay Dharwadker (English)
  • Steven Nadler (Philosophy)
  • Margaret Butler (Musicology, Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Jeremy Hutton (Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
  • Seth Pollak (Psychology)
  • Gary Lupyan (Psychology)
  • Nick Buttrick (Psychology)
  • Jordan Ellenberg (Mathematics)
  • Meyer Jackson (Neuroscience)
  • Carrie Niziolek (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
  • David O’Connor (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine)
  • Shelby O’Connor (Biocore)
  • Diana Tapia Ramon (Biocore)
  • Dan Gold (International Academic Programs)
  • Jonathan Gray (Media & Cultural Studies, Communication Arts)
  • Jamie Henke (Mead Witter School of Music)
  • Walter Stern (History, Educational Policy Studies)
  • Katy Culver (School of Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • Dave Schroeder (L&S National Security Programs; Computer, Data & Information Sciences)
  • Sarah Linkert (Institute for Regional and International Studies)
  • Julie Stubbs (Undergraduate Academic Awards Office)
  • David Johnson (Economics)
  • Jesse Steinberg (Philosophy)
  • Honors Program Staff: Jenny Saffran (Faculty Director, Psychology), Lisa Blum, Kristen Jenkins, Pete Keys, Christine Evans, Jordan Hill, Kendra Ramthun, and Raquel Knops