In the words of poet and essayist Adrienne Rich, students cannot afford to think of coming to a university "in order to receive an education"; they will do much better to think of being here "in order to claim one." The difference, she says, "is that between acting and being acted-upon." Honors students are curious and eager to get the most from their studies; they've chosen to "claim an education" by participating in a program that challenges them and offers opportunities to learn from other high-ability students, work closely with faculty committed to undergraduate teaching, conduct independent research and share their talents for the benefit of others. The Honors Program staff wants to collaborate with faculty and advisors throughout the College of Letters & Science to foster the development of these talented, hard-working students. 

To succeed in that collaboration, we have created these pages which, we hope, will lay a foundation for communication and joint effort. It provides explanations of Honors tracks and Program policies, descriptions of grants and awards available to Honors students, an overview of the Honors Student Organization and information about advising options.  We hope it will be useful to you as you advise both students currently in the Honors Program and those whom you have identified as outstanding undergraduates who would benefit from and contribute to the Program.

The College of Letters and Science Honors Program also maintains a substantial contribution to the Letters and Science Policy Book. All policies contained within this document have been voted on by the Faculty Honors Committee and the Honors Program advisors use this policy book as our main source of information for policy interpretation and implementation.

Beyond offering information in these pages, we want also to invite you to get in touch with our staff if you have questions regarding policy, concerns about a student or ideas for curriculum development. Further, as members of the CIC Honors Council and the Wisconsin Collegiate Honors Conference, we have an opportunity to gather information and exchange best practices with colleagues across the U.S. We look forward to sharing your contributions with members of those organizations as well as passing along to you what we learn from them.