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How to Support Your Honors Student

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Welcome to Parents & Guardians

Welcome, parents, to a proud tradition of UW-Madison parents whose students are involved in the L&S Honors Program! College is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time in a young person's life. In the next few years, and particularly in your student's first semester, you and your student will experience major life changes; these will be most easily dealt with if you can be flexible and open-minded. On this page, we offer a few ways for parents to be supportive during these changes, and we address some common questions and concerns.

How to Support Your Honors Student

The following are some suggestions from seasoned advisors about how you can help make your student's transition to college a good one:

  • Encourage your student to contact us for advising. If your student has questions or concerns about courses, schedules, degree requirements or options for studying abroad, we are a resource for them. We want to develop a long-term working relationship with our students.

  • Allow your student some time to adjust to campus life. This is a big change and it can take some time before students feel at home and comfortable with the new routine. The best thing you can do at this time is to be available and listen to your student, rather than overwhelming your student with questions and expecting him or her have the rest of his or her life and major figured out in the first week!

  • If your student has specific concerns, collaborate with him or her to come up with some strategies and courses of action before you contact the university on his or her behalf. For one thing, campus partners often respond more favorably to direct student inquires. In addition, we cannot provide any student's private information to parties other than themselves due to FERPA. Be sure to foster an open line of communication with your student to gather information about his or her academic and developmental progress directly.

  • Support and celebrate your student's newfound independence by providing support and advice to him or her about important decisions but allowing your student to have the final say.

  • Encourage your student to get involved! College is much more than just taking courses. To get the most out of the college experience and prepare for life beyond, it is important for your student to broaden his or her horizons and discover new life passions and skills through student organizations, leadership and intern activities, part-time jobs, volunteering, research, independent study, studying abroad and more.

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