We would like to stress the importance of seeking help when you need it during those moments of academic or personal difficulty. We have collected some information below that you might find useful. These services are resources for you, and we highly encourage all students to take advantage of the support services the UW has to offer.


GUTS is our Greater University Tutoring Service. GUTS provides you with access to trained tutors in most major subject areas, including math, chemistry, computer science, psychology, physics, statistics, foreign languages and many others. GUTS offers drop-in tutoring at several satellite locations around campus -- it is convenient, quick and a great way to get your questions answered. If there is no GUTS tutor available for a course you are taking, GUTS can also connect you and other students from your class with a specific tutor who will review lecture material and conduct exam preparation activities with you on a weekly basis.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located on the sixth floor of Helen C. White and has satellite locations across campus. It is a place where you can take any piece of writing -- whether you're working on a paper or an essay for a class, a personal statement, a job application or resume -- and sit down with a trained Writing Center instructor who will review your work with you, give you constructive feedback and talk through any difficulties you are having. You can use the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process, whether you have a paper that is nearing completion, a very rough draft, an outline or even just a prompt for an assignment. This free service is an excellent and sure-fire way to improve your writing.

Chemistry Learning Center and Math Tutorial Program

Several majors on campus offer subject-specific tutoring through their departments. If you are enrolled in Chemistry or Math courses, for example, you can take advantage of the Chemistry Learning Center or the Math Tutorial Program for help with your coursework.

University Health Services (UHS)

University Health Services (UHS) is our campus resource for personal care. It is incredibly important that you continue to take care of yourself as you navigate your academic responsibilities and social life. UHS provides support for students with services like counseling and consultation, relaxation, massage, and medical appointments.

McBurney Disability Resource Center