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L&S Honors Program
"We undersigned students...strive to make the University of Wisconsin a great academic leader of the nation." - May 18th, 1958
L&S Honors Program
L&S Honors Program
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  Giving to the L&S Honors Program
Gifts from people like you are a crucial source of financial support for the L&S Honors Program and our students. Your investment in the L&S Honors Program enables us to help our most highly-motivated students explore their research interests, present their research at conferences, travel abroad, give back to the community, and participate in community-building, programming, and professional development opportunities.
The L&S Honors Program is dependent upon private giving for many of the programs it conducts and the opportunities it offers students. Many of our Senior Honors Thesis grants and our Leadership Trust Awards are funded by the generosity of private donors. We have been able to supplement standard research awards to allow students to travel to Cairo to examine 10th century manuscripts, study neutrinos in Antarctica, or learn about Cypriot sculpture in Sarasota. The return on investment for such giving is enormous, for our donors truly provide the margin of excellence in a great public research university. It is such private donations that enable our program's staff to envision and to undertake new initiatives as well as to meet unexpected needs to support student work and enrich student experiences.
We invite you to help support our mission of providing Honors students with the breadth and depth of opportunities to explore their interests and find their passions. 

L&S Honors Program Funds
The Honors Program Director's Fund - Give On-Line 
The Honors Program Director's Endowment Fund was initiated by Charles T. Snowdon (UW Psychology Professor) and B. Ann Lindsey, and Cyrena N. (UW English Professor) and Lee G. Pondrom (UW Physics Professor). This fund is intended to provide on-going, long-term support for the Honors Program in the College of Letters and Science. The Director of the Letters and Science Honors Program has the discretion to determine how the fund will be used. 
The Letters and Science Honors Program General Fund - More Information | Give On-Line 
This fund has proved to be of critical significance in enabling the program to meet unexpected needs and to enable it to start pilot versions of initiatives before more permanent funding is available.
Below are some ideas for how your gifts, large or small, can help support honors students and the Honors Program. Please remember that even small gifts add up and can help us do big things!
$100 Group dinner with a faculty member: Support student-faculty interaction in a small, informal setting. 
$500 Student travel to a conference: Support one student to travel to an out-of-town conference to present his/her research.
$3,000 Senior Thesis Research: Support for one senior honors thesis project.


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