Credit: Bryce Richter of University Communications

Contacting an Advisor
Have a straight-forward question that does not require a conversation? Email an Honors advisor
Need advising fast? See our drop-in advising calendar
Want to schedule a 30-minute advising appointment? See our appointments page
Who is my advisor?
L&S Honors Program advisors work as a team to advise students of all L&S majors and years in school. Your student record lists our two academic advisors (Jacqui Guthrie, Maria Hartwig), but these listings are just a formality; you can meet with any of our academic or peer advisors. Each advisor has unique styles and specializations, so you should feel free to meet with different honors advisors based on your particular needs. Remember: if you have a question related to a specific major, you can also contact the advisor for that major! To learn more about our advisors, see our advisor profiles.
Honors advisors can advise about ...
  • Honors tracks and requirements
  • Participating in research
  • General education requirements
  • Getting started with volunteering
  • Honors grants and awards
  • How to read a DARS
  • Honors study abroad
  • Short- and long-term planning
                                                             ... and any other general questions you may have!