Summer 2017 DEADLINE: July 14th at 4 p.m.

(Only 8-week summer session courses are eligible for Green Sheets.)

Occasionally, students encounter classes they would like to study in more depth, but there is no Honors component available. In such situations, the Honors Program has a process by which Honors students may petition for Honors credit to be added to the class: the Green Sheet. For more information about the Green Sheet, including details on eligibility and the Green Sheet process, please read the  Green Sheet Information handout  for Students and provide your instructor with the Green Sheet Information handout for Instructors . We also strongly recommend that you meet with an Honors Academic Advisor to discuss your proposal. Proposals that do not satisfy the requirements (ex. are an extension of a pre-existing paper) will be denied. To Green Sheet a course, you must: 1) Submit a Green Sheet Proposal Form signed by both you and the instructor 2) Attach a typed Honors project description with your instructor's signature (details on the Green Sheet Proposal Form) 3) Produce and submit a Course Change Request Form, signed by both you and the instructor (Click here for a tutorial on how to produce the form in your student center. Please note that this tutorial shows the process to "Add Pass/Fail," the process is exactly the same but instead please check "Add Honors") 4) Deliver a printed and signed copy of all paperwork to the L&S Honors Program Office in Washburn Observatory during business hours IMPORTANT: We will not review your proposal unless your instructor's signature is on each of the three items listed above (proposal form, project description, and Course Change Request Form)

updated 12/23/2016