The L&S Honors Program encourages all Honors candidates to study abroad as part of their degree! Current Honors in the Liberal Arts (HLA) students can utilize an Honors Study Abroad Petition to request honors credit from any accredited study abroad program. Study Abroad Petition Process   Before you go: -- HLA students can petition for general honors, automatic honors (H/!), breadth honors, or any combination of the three types. Meet with an Honors advisor prior to studying abroad to discuss what type(s) of credit will be most useful for your HLA degree.-- Students seeking Honors credit for Honors in the Major should meet with their major advisor.  -- Check out our Study Abroad Petition Information handout.   While Abroad:-- Save your syllabus and all examples of your coursework.     When you return:-- Check to see if your courses have been applied to your record (request a student record or run your DARS report).-- Review our Study Abroad Petition Information handout and complete your Study Abroad Petition Form.-- Print and sign your petition form and submit it to the L&S Honors Program main office (1401 Observatory Dr.) along with relevant documentation (see information sheet). There is no deadline for submitting an Honors Study Abroad Petition. If you have not yet selected a study abroad program, check out our Honors-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs!  (Last updated 3/27/2015)