Do you have a "Q" showing up on your record? A "Q" means there is a "Q"uestion about one of your grades. This may happen for a number of reasons. Did you enroll in an honors component of a % course but fail to complete the honors work? Or, on the contrary, did you complete the honors work for a % course but failed to formally register for the honors component? In these cases, you will need to add or drop your honors enrollment in a course from a previous semester and change your course grade from a "Q" to an actual letter grade. Please follow these steps very closely to ensure that everything is correctly processed.

Step 1 Generate a Course Change Request by following these steps:

  1. Log into My UW 
  2. Select the Student Center
  3. Choose "Course Enrollment," followed by the "Term Information" tab
  4. Select the "Course Change Request" option
  5. Choose the term in which you took the Q-grade course, and press "Continue"
  6. Click on "Select" next to the appropriate course
  7. Mark the appropriate honors designation change
  8. Press "Save"
  9. Print one copy of your Course Change Request
  10. Sign your name on the student line
If you have further questions about this process, see the Registrar's Office Course Change Request Demo.

Step 2 Provide your professor (not a teaching assistant who sometimes may be listed as "Instructor" on the Course Change Request page in your Student Center) with the signed copy of your completed Course Change Request form.

Step 3 Your professor must also sign the paper copy of the Course Change Request form. You can inform them that the Honors Program will send an email when your grade can be updated in their Faculty Center, but that for the time being it should remain "Q." Then deliver the signed Course Change Request form to the L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services Office in 110 Ingraham Hall.

Step 4 To avoid this problem in the future, please keep track of deadlines by consulting the Registrar website's Deadlines at a Glance (found in the left-hand sidebar of the Office of the Registrar's homepage).