What are the different types of honors courses offered by the L&S Honors Program? How do honors courses differ from non-honors courses? What are the advantages of taking them? Find answers to your questions here.

Ways to Earn Honors Credit There are many ways to earn honors credit towards your HLA or HM degree. Remember that you must earn a grade of "B" or better in order to receive honors credit for any of the situations outlined below.

  • Take honors courses or sections of courses designated as honors. These are designated as honors only, unrestricted honors  or honors optional courses in Course Guide with an H, ! or % symbol, respectively. (Please see the following section on this page, entitled "Types of Honors Courses," to learn more about these types of courses). 
  • Design and complete a project in a non-honors course, in collaboration with the course instructor. To do this, you must have taken at least one honors course, and you must submit your project proposal (known as a "Green Sheet") to the Honors Program by the 8th week of class. Find out more about this option by clicking here.
  • Study abroad! You can petition for up to three honors credits per semester abroad by following the guidelines set forth here.

Types of Honors Courses

Click on a link below to learn more about the three types of honors courses offered in our program and examples of what to expect. Honors only courses (H) Accelerated honors courses (!) Honors optional courses (%)