Many of our L&S Honors Students participate in internships both in Madison and around the country. Please follow the links below to learn more about internships.

Why do an internship?

How can I get an internship?

Can I get college credit for my internship?

Can I get honors credit for my internship?

Why do an internship? Internships provide real experience in a field. They can help you choose a career path after college and connect you with important individuals in a field that interests you. Every once in a while, an unpaid summer or semester internship can even turn into a first job opportunity.

How can I get an internship?

Take advantage of the many UW-Madison resources for finding an internship. Every once in a while, the L&S Honors Program hears of a special opportunity for honors students; when those come up, we post them in the next Honors On-Line E-newsletter (HOL). Be sure you are registered to received HOL (you can sign up here) and read it every week! Additional resources for finding an internship include the following:

  • BuckyNet (for job and internship opportunities)
  • Letters & Science Career Services
  • The International Internship Program through the Division of International Studies
  • Consider creating your own internship
    • Identify your learning goals for an internship, and the type of organization you would like to work for.
    • Research businesses and non-profit organizations and/or research institutes that match your internship goals. These may be local, but may be overseas!
    • Contact the Human Resources department or representative for that business, company or non-profit. Ask if they have any projects that a college student volunteer or intern could help with.
    • Make sure you list the opportunities you take advantage of on your resume!
  • Need help preparing your resume? Looking for advice about interviewing for an internship? Check out L&S Career Service's Resume and Cover Letter examples and critique service.
Can I get college credit for my internship?

Internships are worth doing regardless of whether you receive college credit for them. Receiving academic credit for an internship does not increase its value; in fact part of what makes an internship valuable is that it is done outside the classroom, and above and beyond the academic requirements for your degree.

There are some situations where receiving credit for an internship is either necessary (because the employer requires that) or is beneficial because it directly relates to an area of research or because a student is seeking a way to have a structured reflection about their internship experience. In that situation, there are some mechanisms in place to enable students to earn college credit for academic work related to an internship:

  • Career services runs a one-credit online course called Inter L&S 260. The class is offered every semester (fall, spring, summer) and encourages students to connect their internship experience with the goals of a liberal arts education. To learn more about this class visit the Career Services website
  • If you are doing an international internship, you can participate in the Worldwide Internship Program through the Division of International Studies which includes a 3-credit online seminar that you take in tandem with the internship.
  • Some departments have their own dedicated internship classes. Many of these are designed for majors to connect their internship with research and theory in their academic discipline.
  • Students sometimes approach individual faculty whose work is somehow related to the field and/or goals of the internship to create an individualized research project through a directed study number (699, 399 etc).

In all of these cases, the academic credit is awarded not for the internship, but for work in the classroom whether through readings, discussions and lectures, or other kinds of coursework (essays, research projects) that reflect on or otherwise relate to the internship experience.

If you are interested in receiving college credit for an internship, we recommend that you talk to an advisor to discuss your options. 

Can I get honors credit for my internship?

No. The College of Letters and Science Honors Program does not award honors credit for an internship or reflection-on-the-internship independent study coursework. If you have questions about this, please refer them to the honors email account at