The Letters and Science Honors Program currently offers or administers six different grants, scholarships and awards for introductory and senior thesis research, study abroad and research related travel, and community and university service projects. For more information about these funding opportunities, including directions on how to apply, please follow the links below.

Introductory Research Experience Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship Grant. This grant, awarded to 20-30 students each summer, provides undergraduates with an introductory research experience in one of their areas of interest. The ultimate purpose of the grant is to allow talented students to learn what research is as well as how it is conducted within a discipline. Apprentices gain valuable opportunities to develop research skills and explore the research process while working under the guidance of a UW faculty member.
Senior Honors Thesis Research Support
Trewartha Undergraduate Honors Research Grant. This modest award (averaging $1000) helps students with research-related expenses, including travel costs.
Mark Mensink Honors Research Grant. This is the Honors Program's most prestigious senior thesis award, recognizing the most distinguished senior thesis proposal submitted to the program. (All applicants to the Trewartha Grant will be considered for the Mensink Grant.) 
Honors Summer Senior Thesis Research Grant. This award helps students with research-related expenses, including travel costs, by providing cash stipends of up to $3000.
Ann J. Haney Infinite Boundaries Grant. This award helps students with research-related expenses who are doing research in the area of women's health. The award provides a cash stipend of up to $2500. 
Funding for Study Abroad and Research-Related Travel Abraham S. Burack Scholarship. This award supports honors students studying abroad on an official semester or year-long UW program.
Community or University Service Project Funding Leadership Trust Award. Do you have a project idea designed to improve UW-Madison, the community and/or the university student body? This award provides two honors students each year with funds equal to two semesters of resident, full-time tuition, as well as some extra money to help them implement their ideas.