Academic advising is an integral part of the undergraduate educational process -- essential for student development, effective learning and progress towards a degree. We therefore encourage honors students to take advantage of the array of advising opportunities on campus. As one part of that important and broad array of resources, we offer advising specific to the Honors Program and have a staff trained to know the details of the three honors degree tracks, Program policy, grants and fellowships and HSO activities. Professional advisors also assist students applying for national awards, such as the Truman, Goldwater, Rhodes and Marshall scholarships.

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Additional Information

An honors student's DARS report will list our academic advisors as their official advisors, but that listing is just a formality. Both professional (academic) and peer advisors are available, and students may meet with any of us.

Students find that peer advisors give particularly good advice about specific classes and Honors track glitches. They're savvy about the campus in general, and they've been through the Program as honors students themselves; thus, they possess important insights and recommendations that the professional advisors simply do not have. 

Professional advisors have the training and experience to provide resources, guidance and support that will enable students to explore, clarify and realize their aspirations throughout their academic careers. Students find these advisors helpful when they have knotty problems or complex questions and also when they need official signatures, exceptions to policy or letters of recommendation. Professional advisors have the experience to provide valuable help to students facing personal difficulties and will refer students to other campus resources, including Counseling and Consultation Services, when necessary.

Drop-in advising meetings and advising appointments take place at the L&S Honors Program office at Washburn Observatory (1401 Observatory Drive).