Comprehensive Honors Graduates Margaret Fink and Ingrid Stokstad

2005 Comprehensive Honors Graduates
Margaret Fink and Ingrid Stokstad

The L&S Honors Program is ideal for students who are excited about ideas and the life of the mind -- students who are curious, engaged, love learning and are eager to get the most from their experience at the university. It is offered to give students an opportunity to go beyond the minimum requirements of the L&S curriculum and confront new challenges so they can grow intellectually. It does that by providing both the intimacy and friendliness of a small, rigorous liberal arts college and the variety and cutting-edge research of a large university.

During the last five years, the Honors Program has grown steadily as more students entering the university are eligible to participate in the program. New initiatives, including Honors First-Year Interest Groups (FIGS), team-taught, interdisciplinary honors lectures and the ongoing development of small-scale honors courses through Undergraduate Initiative Funding, allow the program to continue to provide a strong, challenging honors experience for a growing number of L&S undergraduates.

In the classroom, the Honors Program offers enhanced coursework, allowing students to explore topics in depth and discover not only what we know but how we know it, as well as what questions we are still trying to answer. Moreover, because Honors classes tend to be small, they offer greater contact with faculty and like-minded students. The faculty who teach honors courses are committed to undergraduate education and excited about fostering the development of bright, high-ability students. They invite collaboration with students through the Sophomore Apprenticeship Program and encourage students writing Senior Honors Theses to engage in original research. Students in the program are energetic, hardworking and interested in a host of issues and ideas.

Outside the classroom, the Honors Program offers students opportunities to become involved in campus and community events, take trips to museums and theaters, and participate in service projects so they can share their skills and talents with others (indeed, we expect honors students to make a contribution to the community). The Honors Student Organization (HSO) sponsors an array of activities that enables students to engage intellectually and socially with one another as well as with faculty.

In addition to a challenging curriculum and extra- and co-curricular programming opportunities, honors students receive academic advising, support for introductory and senior thesis level research, and funding for study abroad.

Join us if...

  • You love learning and are eager to get the most from your studies at the UW
  • You are willing to go beyond minimum requirements and confront new challenges in your efforts to learn and grow
  • You like the idea of studying in small, friendly settings with some of the best students and teachers at the UW
  • You are eager to become involved in original research at the cutting edge of knowledge, even as an undergraduate
  • You want to prepare yourself to apply to the best graduate and professional schools in the country
  • You believe in sharing your talents to benefit others
  • You are hungry for the skills, experiences and friendships that will launch you on a lifelong quest for knowledge and personal growth