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"We undersigned students...strive to make the University of Wisconsin a great academic leader of the nation." - May 18th, 1958
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  Letters and Science Honors Program General Fund
The fund was set up April 17, 1986, by the UW-Madison Letters and Science Honors Program to receive annual gifts in support of the teaching, research, and public service roles of the program.

This fund has proved to be of critical significance in enabling the program to meet unexpected needs and to enable it to start pilot versions of initiatives before more permanent funding is available. In a publicly funded institution in which most state funds are earmarked for specified purposes, it offers critical flexibility. For example, in one senior thesis competition the applicant sought assistance to carry out physics research in Antarctica; the L&S Honors Program General Fund enabled the program to supplement the standard award to make this research possible. On other occasions the Fund has supported field trips for students. It also provides the security to permit planning and commitments to go ahead on new programs while applications for longer-term support are pending. It is, in short, the margin of excellence which provides the staff with the basis to undertake new initiatives or to meet unexpected opportunities to support student work.

To make an on-line contribution to the L&S Honors Program General Fund please follow this link:  Give On-Line

Gifts may also be sent to the following address. All gifts should be earmarked for "The Letters and Science Honors Program General Support Fund":

University of Wisconsin Foundation
U.S. Bank Lockbox
Box 78807
Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807

For further information about long-term support or endowment of this giving opportunity please contact:
Cathy Webb
Director of Development/L&S
University of Wisconsin Foundation
1848 University Avenue
Madison, WI  53726
Phone: (608) 263-2134


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