Washburn Observatory, home of the L&S Honors Program

The L&S Honors Program attracts some of UW-Madison’s most talented undergraduates who challenge and learn from each other while working closely with faculty members. By bringing students and professors closer together in small classes and individual research settings, the Honors Program fosters a feeling of community even as students push themselves to explore the very frontiers of knowledge. In addition to traditional coursework, most Honors students pursue research projects of their own, and many find this experience so exciting that they go on to earn advanced degrees in the nation’s best graduate and professional schools.

Join us if …

  • You love learning and are eager to get the most from your studies at the UW
  • You are willing to go beyond minimum requirements and confront new challenges in your efforts to learn and grow
  • You like the idea of studying in small, friendly settings with some of the best students and teachers at the UW
  • You are eager to get involved in original research at the cutting edge of knowledge, even as an undergraduate
  • You want to prepare yourself to apply to the best graduate and professional schools in the country
  • You believe in sharing your talents to benefit others
  • You are hungry for the skills, experiences and friendships that will launch you on a lifelong quest for knowledge and personal growth