Accelerated Honors Courses (!)

What is an Accelerated Honors course?

Accelerated Honors courses are designated by an exclamation point (!) in the UW timetable. They are…

  • Open to both Honors and non-Honors students.
  • Accelerated courses that award you Honors credit in recognition of the amount and rigor of material covered in the course.
  • Often designed to combine two semesters of material into one semester, and should therefore be taken as part of a well-balanced schedule and in consultation with your academic advisor.
  • Automatic Honors courses and, consequently, an important component of your Honors in the Liberal Arts degree. Automatic Honors courses may also fulfill HM requirements, depending on your department’s curriculum.

Examples of Accelerated Honors courses

Math 375: Topics in Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra

This course is an Honors version of third semester Calculus. The object of the course is to present the subjects of linear algebra and multivariable calculus and the interrelation between their mathematical ideas in a proof-focused, theoretical approach. The class usually enrolls about 35 students.

Chemistry 109(H): Advanced General Chemistry

This course covers material from both Chemistry 103 and Chemistry 104 (a two-semester sequence of introductory general chemistry). It is designed for students contemplating a major in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or a related field, is fast-paced, and expects students to have a strong high school math and chemistry background. In Chemistry 109 Honors, students learn the material from Chem 109 using more application-based learning, often delving into modern research pertaining to the energy sector, the ozone, and development of new plastics for medical uses.