Add or Drop Honors Option (%)

Honors Optional courses (%) allow students to opt into or out of completing the course for Honors credit. Directions for adding or dropping Honors for an Honors Optional course vary depending on the time of the semester.

On or Before the Friday of the 12th Week of the Semester

Students must edit Honors enrollment themselves on their Student Center.

  • Log in to MyUW and go to Course Search & Enroll.
  • Select “My Courses,” then “Enrolled,” to generate a list of your current courses.
  • Select the course that you wish to edit.
  • Select “See Sections” to display the section in which you’re enrolled.
  • Select the appropriate “Do Not Take this Course with Honors” or “Take this Course with Honors” button.
  • Click “Save.”

After the Friday of the 12th Week of the Semester

Students should follow the directions outlined below.

  • Log in to MyUW and go to your Student Center.
  • Select “Manage Classes,” then select the box for “Course Change Request” and select the correct term. Click “Continue.
  • Look for the desired course and check the “Select” box. You will now see the various change options.
  • Check the box next to the desired change- either “Add Honors” or “Remove Honors,” and your request is now pending.
  • Click “Save” to save your request and then click the printer icon to print the form.
  • Sign the form, ask your instructor to sign the form, and submit to the Deans’ Office found on the top of the form. No Dean’s signature is needed before submission.
  • A tutorial for generating a Course Change Request can be found here.

Q Grade

Q stands for “question” and instructors post this grade if the students’ Honors enrollment does not match their actions at the end of the term. In other words, if a student is enrolled for Honors but does not complete the Honors assignments (or does complete the Honors assignments, but did not enroll in the Honors option), the instructor will post a “Q” grade instead of a regular earned letter grade. To resolve this, students should follow the directions above to make their Honors enrollment conform to their actions. Once students have done this, they should inform their instructor that they have amended their Honors enrollment for the course and the instructor can now post the student’s actual, earned letter grade for the course.