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Admission to Honors in the Liberal Arts

Honors in the Liberal Arts is Honors in breadth, and involves earning Honors credit across the three breadth areas in Letters & Science. To complete Honors in the Liberal Arts, a student needs 24 Honors credits, with six in Social Science courses, six in Arts & Humanities; six in Natural Science, and six credits in an area or areas of your choice.

The Honors in the Liberal Arts track is the only Honors track you can apply to as an incoming student to the College of Letters & Science. If you read through the information on this site and decide you would prefer to pursue Honors in the Major, you can only enroll in Honors in the Major once you are on campus and declared in your major. Refer to your intended major's website for additional information. 

Everyone who is admitted to the College of Letters & Science receives an email invitation to apply to the L&S Honors Program as an incoming student. That email is sent approximately two weeks after your offer of admission to the College of Letters & Science. If you did not receive an email invitation to apply, first check your admission letter to confirm that your undergraduate college is Letters & Science. If you were admitted to a different school or college at UW-Madison, contact the Honors representative of your admitting school or college. Note that School of Education students can pursue Honors in the Liberal Arts by submitting a Continuing Student application anytime after the start of the first semester on campus for admission as soon as spring semester of the first year. If you confirm you were admitted to Letters & Science, please check the spam or bulk folders of the email address that you used for your UW-Madison application. If you still cannot find the email, please contact the Honors Program offices at honors@honors.ls.wisc.edu or 608-262-2984 and have your campus ID ready (10-digit number that likely starts with 907).

Note that you can withdraw from the Honors Program at any time during your undergraduate studies. You can also switch between Honors in the Liberal Arts and Honors in the Major through a simple process. (Talk to an Honors advisor if you decide to make that switch.) You can also do both, which is called Comprehensive Honors.