Associate Director of Advising and Curriculum Dr. Christine Evans Honored by College of Letters & Science

Every year, the College of Letters & Science Dean recognizes staff excellence with several categories of Staff Awards. The recipients support outstanding teaching, research, and service across the college. The categories for the awards include University Staff Awards, Academic Staff Awards, and Advising Awards. This year, the L&S Honors Program is proud to announce that our very own Associate Director of Advising and Curriculum, Dr. Christine Evans, has been selected as the recipient of an L&S Early Career Advising Excellence Award!

Persons honored with an L&S Academic Advising award are exceptional advisors. Recipients have demonstrated exemplary performance both in terms of their positive impact on students and through distinctive contributions to their department, unit, and/or the College of Letters & Science. Christine certainly has met (and exceeded) expectations in each of these areas!

The selection process is extremely competitive. Advisors from across L&S, ranging from generalist advisors to career advisors to departmental advisors are eligible to be nominated. As part of the nomination process, letters of support are written on behalf of those nominated. Below, we wanted to share some of the glowing comments made on Christine’s behalf:

  • “I’ve come to know Christine […] as a thoughtful leader of the College, acting in the best interest of L&S students. She offers a critical eye to a wide range of issues and asks very important questions. Her thoughtful participation in [the Council for Academic Advising] meetings serves as evidence of her passion for improving student and advisor experience in L&S and campus in general.”-Dr. Aygul Hoffman, Assistant Dean and Assistant Director for Academic Advising and Academic Support for the Center for Academic Excellence
  • “Christine is an incredibly supportive and dedicated advisor who sincerely cares about supporting students academically, professionally, and personally. As a first-generation college student who has felt overwhelmed at times navigating UW, Christine continuously provides her support in academic advising sessions by actively engaging with my concerns, sharing helpful resources, and working together to devise the next steps.”-Kristen Jenkins, Current L&S Honors student
  • “[Christine] works beautifully at all levels: individually with students, collaboratively with her supervisees and peers, and creatively with me and the rest of our team. Christine is a wonderful advisor in every way – she’s relentlessly creative, forward-thinking, and curious about new ways that we could improve our processes and procedures, reaching students in useful and creative ways, and helping them to make sense of their Honors education and their Wisconsin Experience.”-Dr. Jenny Saffran, L&S Mary Herman Rubinstein Professor of Psychology and Faculty Director, L&S Honors Program
Dr. Evans poses with L&S Honors staff, past and present.