Dean Eric Wilcots shares a bit of history

Professor Jim Lattis and Dean Wilcots stood at the front of the Washburn Observatory library to address a crowd of more than thirty L&S Honors students.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 17, 2023, the Honors Program was lucky enough to host Dean Eric Wilcots for the second Wednesday @ Washburn event of the 2023-24 academic year. A crowd of over 30 L&S Honors students made the trip to the Washburn library to hear from both Dean Wilcots and Professor Jim Lattis about their expertise, passion, and history in the field of academia, specifically astronomy.


The night began with slices of pizza and conversation, and quickly transformed into an exceptional learning experience for the Honors students. Dean Wilcots began by sharing about his history in the sciences, including the research he’d conducted, a comparison of his undergraduate and graduate experiences, and what led him to his current role as Dean of the College of Letters & Science. Students peppered the Dean with questions about everything from his favorite astronomical occurrences to his tips and tricks for current undergrads. Prof. Jim Lattis supplemented the conversation by sharing a great deal about the history of Washburn Observatory!

To cap off the night, Dean Wilcots and Prof. Lattis led the students up to the telescope. While the weather prevented an actual viewing, many students expressed their sincere interest and enthusiasm in returning for a public viewing in the coming weeks! Our sincerest thank you to both Dean Wilcots and Prof. Lattis for making this another successful Wednesday @ Washburn!