General Advising FAQs


Have a question? Check here first! On this page, we have posted answers to the most common questions students ask us. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to come to drop-in advising or send us an email. Graduating soon? Check out our Graduation FAQ page!


I got a “Q” in one of my classes. What does that mean and how do I fix it?


A “Q” means that there is a “Question” about your enrollment in a course. Often, this means that you either (a) enrolled in an honors component of a % course but did not complete the honors work, or (b) you did not officially register for an honors component of a % course but did, in fact, do the work. The “Q” is put on your record to prompt you to take care of some paperwork. Please see our guide to resolving Q grades.  


To avoid this problem in the future, please keep track of deadlines by consulting both the registrar’s website and the L&S Honors Program calendar.


I want to take a course over the summer at another school. Will it count toward my graduation requirements (e.g., breadth, ethnic studies, quantitative reasoning A or B, etc.)?


Many students take courses during the summer and have them applied toward their quantitative, communications, foreign language and/or breadth requirements for a UW-Madison degree. If you are thinking about taking courses elsewhere and want those courses to cover specific requirements here at UW-Madison, it is a good idea to do some research before enrolling.


  • If you are thinking about a UW system school, check out the Transfer Information System for course equivalency information.
  • If you are contemplating a school outside the UW system, the Office of Admissions can assess the course(s) you are thinking of taking and determine exactly how they will transfer in to the UW-Madison. To learn how, check out the Summer Course Equivalency website.


One you have completed your summer course(s), send a copy of your transcript from the summer school to the UW-Madison Admissions Office. Transfer Admissions Counselors will post the course(s) to your UW-Madison record as appropriate. 


Important note: Courses taken elsewhere carry a “T” grade (for “transfer”) on your UW-Madison record. The grade is not factored into your UW-Madison grade point average, but the credits do count towards your degree. Keep in mind that if you plan to apply for graduate school or scholarships, you will likely be asked for transcripts from all institutions you have attended — not just the school where you received your degree — so reviewers will have access to the grade.


I’m graduating this term! How do I make sure everything is in order, and that I get my Honors Stole and Comprehensive Honors Medal?


Phew! This is a short question with a long answer. For details, see our Honors Candidates and Graduation FAQs.


I (finally) finished my Senior Honors Thesis! What do I do with it now?


The L&S Honors Program only needs your thesis if you received a grant from the program. If you received a grant, bring one unbound copy to Washburn Observatory, where you will need to fill out a short cover sheet detailing your contact information, information about your thesis and which grant you were awarded.


If you did not receive a grant from the Honors Program, just submit your thesis to your thesis advisor and you’re done. Congratulations!


The grade for my 682 (Senior Honors Thesis, semester 2) has been posted, but on my student record my 681 course (Senior Honors Thesis, semester 1) still carries a grade of “P”? How can I get this fixed?


The Registrar’s Office does an audit for the 681/682 sequence and will automatically convert your P to the correct letter grade. That will happen at some point between now and when you receive your degree in the mail, so never fear. The bureaucracy will do its magic — eventually.  If you wish to follow up, contact the Registrar’s Office directly.