Green Sheets Faculty Page

What is a Green Sheet? 

A Green Sheet is a formal agreement that allows a student to earn Honors credit in a non-Honors course by designing and completing an Honors-level project that enriches and enhances the class. The agreement is between the student, the instructor teaching the course, and the L&S Honors Program. It is initiated by the student. Instructors are not obliged to agree to Green Sheets for their classes; students should therefore speak with instructors early to ensure that a Green Sheet is a possibility.

What sort of classes can students green-sheet?

Occasionally, Honors students are eager to do more in-depth work in a class for which no Honors component is available. In such situations, Honors students may petition for Honors credit to be added to the class: the Green Sheet. Any class that does not already have an Honors opportunity is eligible for a Green Sheet, with the exception of internship and independent study courses.

What is involved?

To receive Honors credit for a class via Green Sheet, students must petition the L&S Honors Program for approval. There are three steps that the student must initiate and complete, two of them in conjunction with the instructor:

a) meeting with the instructor to discuss and decide upon an appropriate Honors project that will be completed in addition to the regular requirements for the class

b) writing up a proposal and submitting it to the L&S Honors Program.

For a complete outline of the process from the student’s side, please see here.

What does the Honors Program look for in a Green Sheet petition?

Green Sheets should enhance and enrich regular course materials. The Program encourages Honors projects that are unique and creative. While writing an additional research paper can be a valuable learning experience, we encourage students to consider alternative projects for a Green Sheets, such as conducting an in-class presentation, leading a discussion, preparing a handout for the class, creating a visual or musical composition or website. An important component to an Honors project is the increased level of contact and individual interaction with the instructor.

How do I grade a Green Sheet?

Students receive their grade for the regular components of the class. The Green Sheet project simply counts as Honors credit awarded to the student for the class.

What happens if the student does not complete the Honors work?

If a student does not complete the honors project as laid out in the Green Sheet, the instructor should enter a grade of Q for the class.  The student will then need to generate a Course Change Request Form dropping the honors component of the class. The Course Change Request Form will need to be signed by the student, the instructor, and then submitted to the student dean’s office.  Once honors has been removed from the course, the instructor can then change the student’s grade from a Q to whatever grade the student achieved for the non-honors version of the class.

(updated 08/11/2017)