Honors Program welcomes admitted students visiting campus

Throughout the spring semester, UW welcomes many admitted students and their families virtually and in person through tours, information sessions, and day-long events. This past Friday and Saturday, L&S Honors Director Jenny Saffran, Associate Director Christine Evans, and Academic Advisor Pete Keys had the pleasure of talking to admitted students and parents who had ventured to Madison for the first Your UW Day of 2023 and a Celebration of Admitted Multicultural Students. As part of the L&S and campus resource fairs, we enjoyed talking with engaged students and addressing their questions about L&S Honors. Hanging out with Bucky was fun, too!

Honors Program staff look forward to talking with even more prospective students and their family members at admissions events this spring. Honors also hopes to be part of welcoming these students to UW in the upcoming academic year! You can find and register for UW admissions events through the Visit Bucky website.

Prospective or admitted students who are considering applying to the L&S Honors Program are encouraged to read through the “Admissions” pages on the L&S Honors Program website, starting with our Honors Overview. Students who have applied or been admitted to UW can find the Honors in the Liberal Arts application for incoming students through WiSH (part of MyUW). If you cannot find the answer to your question, please reach out to the Honors Program via email at honors@honors.ls.wisc.edu.

Bucky and Honors staff member smile and point at camera
Associate Director Christine Evans and Bucky Badger show their excitement about welcoming admitted students during a resource fair.