L&S Honors Program Family Weekend Event

Dear Honors Families and Students,

The Honors Program Family Weekend Event took place on Friday, October 16, from 4:00pm–5:00pm CDT. The event included a virtual conversation and information session with the Letters & Science Honors Program.

Honors Faculty Director Sabine Gross and Associate Directors Sara Stephenson and Matt Kohlstedt along with a current Honors student and other Honors team members explained opportunities the Honors Program provides to students, answered questions, and offered details about various aspects of the Honors Program.

Throughout the event, a variety of helpful links were shared in response to attendee questions. Below, you will find those links:

Honors Program Website: https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/ 
Honors academic advising: https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/academic-advising/
Application for Continuing Students: https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/continuing-and-transfer-student-admissions/ 
Study Abroad: https://studyabroad.wisc.edu/     https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/study-abroad-3/ 
Honors Student-Faculty Connection (HSFC): https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/honors-student-faculty-connection/ 
Honors Student Organization (HSO): https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/honors-student-organization/ 
Research Opportunities: https://discoveryportal.org/search.aspx 
Scholarships: https://wisc.academicworks.com/   
Awards:  https://awards.advising.wisc.edu 
Grants: https://honors.ls.wisc.edu/grants/ 
Course Search & Enroll: https://enroll.wisc.edu/search 
The Guide: https://guide.wisc.edu/

In July, we held a live, one-hour “Ask Me Anything” session that offered a lot of information about Honors. If interested, please watch the recording of this event on UW-Madison’s YouTube channel:

Watch July’s “Ask Me Anything” with Honors

The Honors event was part of UW–Madison’s Family Weekend. More details about opportunities for parents and families were shared on the Family Weekend website.

Additional questions can be sent to honors@honors.ls.wisc.edu!