L&S Honors students, UW Speech & Debate celebrate national championship

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Speech & Debate team has secured its first national championship in decades. Among the championship team of six UW students are four L&S Honors students, including Zachary Heintz (Honors in the Major), William Darbyshire (Comprehensive Honors), MK Denton (Comprehensive Honors), and Ethan Park (Honors in the Liberal Arts). Please join the L&S Honors community in congratulating the team and these outstanding Honors students on this amazing achievement!

Members of the debate team, from left to right, are Aliya Seet, Zachary Heintz, Sophie LaRose, Emily Distler, Ethan Park, William Darbyshire and MK Denton.

Badgers win national debate championship (University of Wisconsin-News, written by Seth Kruger (Honors in the Liberal Arts))