Example Research Opportunities

Popular Research Opportunities

Honors Summer Research Apprenticeship

The purpose of this Honors-only summer research apprenticeship is to allow talented students to learn what research is and how it is conducted within a discipline by participating in actual, cutting-edge research.

Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior Honors Thesis consists of a two-semester course sequence (681-682) in a particular department. Once agreed upon by the student and mentor, this typically 6-credit experience results in an academic paper, often of publishable quality.



Biocore 181: "Becoming a Scientist," specifically for Honors students, serves as an orientation to biology research on campus. Through the course, you will work collaboratively to conduct biology research focused on an essential research question.

Undergraduate Research Scholars

Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS), L&S 250, provides first- and second-year undergraduates with opportunities to earn 1-3 credit(s) for participating in the research and creative work with UW-Madison faculty and staff.


The WISCIENCE mission is to enhance engagement and strengthen success in STEM through equitable and inclusive initiatives, collaborations, service, and scholarship. The Program is home to a variety of research-related courses and experiences.

Directed or Independent Study

Undergraduates have the opportunity to take directed/independent study with UW-Madison faculty as part of a range of learning experiences available to them. These are high-value learning experiences and contribute to the Wisconsin Experience.