Senior Honors Thesis Submission Guidelines

As a recipient of an Honors Senior Thesis Summer Research Grant, Trewartha Undergraduate Honors Research Grant, or The Mark Mensink Honors Research Grant, you are required to submit a print or digital copy of your Senior Honors Thesis to the L&S Honors Program once your thesis is complete. Your thesis will then published in a bound book on display in the Washburn Observatory Library—we will not publish your thesis online without your approval. There is no Honors-specific thesis completion deadline, so you can submit once you and your advisor are satisfied with your thesis. Please keep in mind that you DO need to adhere to all deadlines from your advisor and/or thesis department.

When submitting your senior thesis to the L&S Honors Program, please make sure it adheres to the following guidelines:

  • 11 or 12-inch Times News Roman font, if possible
  • 1-inch margins
  • Include page numbers in the bottom, right-hand corner of each page, excluding the title page.
  • If you choose to submit a hard copy of your thesis, please print a single-sided copy. Please do not submit a spiral-bound thesis.
  • If you choose to submit your project digitally or via email, please send a PDF file to

Thank you for adhering to these requirements—please contact the L&S Honors Program with any questions or concerns regarding the submission of your Honors Senior Thesis.