Shuchi Chawla

Position title: Computer Sciences


Professor Chawla’s Departmental Webpage


One student stressed the advising role Professor Chawla has played in their undergraduate career, beyond serving as an instructor. That student shared that “[Professor Chawla] has been an amazing academic advisor [for] me. Conducting research on theoretical computer science is hard for undergraduate students, however, she has been there to guide me every step of the way.” The student then wrote, “[my] interest in this area of research has only grown since I started working with her. Notably, with her as my advisor, I received a Welton Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship Grant, an Honors Summer Senior Thesis Research Grant, and a Trewartha Senior Honors Thesis Research Award. […] In all, Professor Chawla excels at helping students and I will never be where I am today without her help.”