Junda Chen

Credentials: B.S. with Comprehensive Honors | Majors: Computer Sciences (Honors), Mathematics

This was the first time I come to Lake Mendota. I came here because I didn’t just want to learn about math or just computer science. I wanted to learn more about the world, this broader existence that I shall have the ability to appreciate it and live with it. I didn’t want my major to restraint my eyesight. I wanted to be liberally educated. Comprehensive honor program gave me the drive to spend my day and nights on subjects that I could never thought of learning: French literature, philosophy, astronomy, biochemistry, rhetorics, architecture, and design. It also gave me the opportunity to connect and learn with amazing people. It gave me the inclusiveness to fail, and the capacity to grow. The program also helped me the dive deeper into computer science. To my parents who love and support me for my dream in Madison, to all the professors who have taught me to become the person I am today – Thank you! I will remember what I had learned here, and try to make our world a better place.