Kaylin Ellioff

Credentials: B.S. with Honors in the Major | Major: Neurobiology

During my time as an L&S Honors student, I not only had the opportunity to work on an exciting neurobiology research project leading to a future publication, but also work with and train fellow students. This picture was taken the day before Erica (left) and Amanda (second from right), returned to Puerto Rico after their summer research programs concluded. Hawra (second from left), who recently joined Dr. Corinna Burger’s lab, also had the chance to get to know our group throughout the summer. In between running Western blot gels and performing the Morris Water Maze with our rats, Erica and Amanda had me try a variety of Puerta Rican cuisine like tostones (YUM) and cheesy hot chocolate (also YUM). Getting to know these girls was such a highlight in my honors research experience and I am looking forward to seeing them again at conferences in future years. Apart from that summer, the honors program allowed me to attend the annual Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago and present at a few of its satellite meetings. Here I had the opportunity to network with neurobiology students and faculty from all over the world. I cannot thank the L&S Honors Program, the Trewartha family, Corinna Burger (my research advisor), and so many others enough for all the training and opportunities I have been afforded during my time here. On Wisconsin!