Honors Summer Sophomore Apprenticeships

What is the Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship Grant?

The ultimate purpose of the apprenticeship is to allow talented students to learn what research is and how it is conducted within a discipline by participating in actual, cutting-edge research. Students who receive a Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship Grant from the Honors Program (formerly known as a Welton Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship Grant) receive a stipend for what would otherwise be an unpaid research experience. You will not be a “gopher” in a professor’s lab, but will have a significant opportunity to develop research skills and explore the research process while laying the groundwork for future junior and senior research projects. You are responsible for finding a faculty member whose research interests you, but once you find a research mentor, the grant will support your summer research in the form of a $2500 stipend. You and your faculty advisor are free to arrange any mutually convenient schedule for the work, provided that all work is completed before the fall academic term commences. In late July, all grant recipients attend a one-day retreat, where they will present their research to fellow apprentices and UW faculty. (In most cases the research will not be completed by the date of the retreat, so the retreat presentations can be on the progress of the research to that point.)

How do I find a faculty member to work with?

The best way to find research opportunities is to talk to your professors. What subject are you interested in? Whose research currently intrigues you? Often professors include brief descriptions of their current projects and/or academic specializations on their profiles (accessible on department websites or in the UW online staff directory); these can be great resources. Don’t be afraid to visit professors during their office hours, either. Even if a professor cannot work with you, he or she may direct you to a colleague with similar academic interests who can!

Who is eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply for a Summer Sophomore Apprenticeship if you are:

  • A second-year student in the L&S Honors Program, or
  • A first-year student in the L&S Honors Program who will have more than 24 credits after May of the current academic year

How do I apply?

  • Attend an Informational Workshop to learn more about this opportunity. While attendance at the workshop is NOT required in order to be eligible for the award, it will give you a chance to ask questions and find out more about the program.
    • 2022-23 Informational Workshops will be announced soon!
  • Seek out faculty members who you might like to research with.
  • Once you have found a mentor, match to the scholarship at wisc.academicworks.com (the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub). Both you and your faculty mentor must fill out portions of the application and discuss what role you will play in his or her research.
  • Submit your application through wisc.academicworks.com

When is the application due?

Applications are due in early March of each academic year. The Washburn Observer, our e-newsletter, will remind you of the deadline in February. Award notifications will take place by e-mail within 3-4 weeks of the application deadline.

If you have additional questions about the grant, please contact the Honors Program at honors@honors.ls.wisc.edu.