Support a Green Sheet Proposal

Green Sheet Timeline

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First few weeks of the semester: Discussion of the plan

  • Student reaches out to you to discuss interest in pursuing a Green Sheet project
  • Together, you develop a project idea and details for the proposal
  • The student can also be meeting with an L&S Honors Program advisor for guidance with their plan

The sixth week of the semester (or earlier): Student submits a proposal

  • Students must submit a Green Sheet Proposal Form to the L&S Honors Program by that term’s deadline of 4:30 pm Friday
  • For summer courses, Green Sheets are only possible during the 8-week session. Proposals are due by 4:30 pm Friday in the fourth week of that session.
  • When the student submits their proposal, you will get an automatically generated email for your records that includes information about the student’s submission.

Up through the eighth week of the semester (or earlier): Feedback from Honors Program

  • Following the proposal submission, Honors Program advisors will review the student’s eligibility for a Green Sheet.
  • If required, the student will be asked to provide additional information or make revisions to their project plan.
    • Your input is valued as the content expert in guiding the direction of the project.
    • Honors advisors assess the anticipated workload and depth for the project and suggest revisions that support consistent expectations across Green Sheets.
  • Once approved, you and the student will be notified.
  • The L&S Honors Program will work with L&S Academic Deans Services to have the Honors Option added and selected for that individual student’s enrollment.

Throughout the semester: Completion of Green Sheet Project

  • The student should complete all components of the Green Sheet project according to agreed-upon deadlines.
  • We encourage projects for which the work can be spread out as much as possible.
  • Note that these projects are not given a final letter grade nor included in the student’s final grade; we encourage you to help the student focus on the process as much as the product.

Contact Us

Honors staff are eager to support you at any stage of supporting a Green Sheet or developing and teaching an Honors course. We would also love to hear and share your ideas of what has worked well while teaching Honors students!