The Bromley Travel Grant recipients reflect on their experiences

Bromley Conference Travel Grants are awarded based on a competitive application process to eligible L&S Honors students for presentation and/or attendance at regional, national, or international professional conferences. So far this academic year, four students have received the award. Below, you will find brief reflections shared by each Honors presenter after returning from the experience!

Presenting at ExLing 2023 allowed me to receive feedback from an international cohort of academics in experimental linguistics, which my colleague and I hope to integrate into our research moving forward. I was also introduced to several interesting research questions circulating in the field, especially those concerning the use of Open Brain AI to diagnose aphasia and the analogs of English “tough constructions” in Russian, which I am interested in examining in more depth in subsequent research projects. Furthermore, I presented all that I learned at ExLing 2023 to the SLA Lab, thus enriching the Lab’s current research questions and methodologies. Sophie Boes (ExLing 2023 Athens: 14th International Conference of Experimental Linguistics, Athens, Greece)
While I have already been working on network science-related problems over the last year and a half, this conference mainly helped me broaden my scope of understanding of how many different ways there are to approach problems from the perspective of networks, and I also learned that a lot of work studying the dynamics and activities of the cortex in our brain is also being studied through the lens of networks and graphs. Agam Goyal (International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, Menton Riviera, France)

I commented to a friend that attending my first AAS felt like “being home.” AAS is *the* conference to attend as an astronomer– everyone is there! Walking around the presentation halls, I kept running into people: I met summer program roommates, people who I have only met on zoom, and even people who I only knew as names on important papers. No matter my connection, every attendee was excited to connect and talk science. Though there were a few thousand attendees, I felt an enormous sense of community and left with a stronger will to continue to be a part of the science world. Brooke Kotten (243rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, LA)

Conferences are always exciting because you are able to build new connections and strengthen old ones with friends and collaborators from around the world. There is always a great feeling walking away from a conversation, knowing you’ve made a good impression. I also met with a few of my top-choice grad school’s current students, which was delightful. Overall, the vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans combined with a terrific conference made it an unforgettable experience. William Jarvis (243rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, New Orleans, LA)


The L&S Honors Program would like to congratulate Sophie, Agam, Brooke, and William on not only their presentations, but also their contributions to their fields, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the L&S Honors Program!

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