The Rise of AI: An Interdisciplinary Panel

On the evening of Tuesday, February 28, the L&S Honors Program co-sponsored an interdisciplinary panel titled, “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: The Impact on College Campuses. The event brought together six UW faculty and staff experts, each from a different field of expertise, to share their thoughts on the growth and expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the immediate and long-term potential impacts.

The event began at 6:00 PM and was held in the Main Lounge of Chadbourne Residence Hall. The relaxed setting set the stage for an exceptionally approachable and engaging experience for undergraduate students and over 50 signed in throughout the night. The event was moderated by three current L&S Honors students, Jackson Kunde, Lauren Stoneman, and Anushka Pradhan.

The three moderators led the panelists through opening remarks on whether each felt that access to generative AI, like that used to power ChatGPT and other chatbots, would have a net positive or negative on college campuses. This was then followed by a robust question-and-answer component. The panelists were exceptionally engaging, offering uniquely positive and negative perspectives on how campus classrooms, student lives, and “College,” as an idea, may change.

Sincere thanks to the Bill Cronon Fund for Pathways to Excellence for sponsoring this event. We also share many thanks to the planning committee members, the panelists, and the student moderators who offered their time and expertise to make this event possible.



    • Jerry Zhu (Computer Sciences)
    • Molly Harris (Instructional Design Collaborative)
    • Tonya Schmidt (Office of Student Conduct)
    • Gary Lupyan (Psychology)
    • Jordan Ellenberg (Mathematics)
    • Emily Hall (English)

Student Moderators

    • Jackson Kunde
    • Lauren Stoneman
    • Anushka Pradhan

Event Planning

    • Pete Keys, L&S Honors Program
    • Kim Lowe, Program Coordinator CRC

Event Funding

    • Bill Cronon Fund for Pathways to Excellence