Update for 2020 Senior Thesis Writers

Hello Senior Thesis Writers,
These are extraordinary and challenging times to be a student, especially with the extra challenge of writing a Senior Thesis. On the one hand, many of you are accustomed to independent work and research already, so you are likely well suited to adapt to the new distance learning formats. On the other hand, you are quickly approaching the end of the semester, and the need for feedback to help your project to completion is real. Please make sure to be in touch with your faculty advisor so you can keep on track to complete your Senior Thesis, even if the project needs to be adapted based on not being able to do on-campus research. If you have a writing group, consider using Teams or Zoom to continue that same process at a distance. If you need support from the Honors Program, please reply to me at this email or contact advisor@honors.ls.wisc.edu if you have a question about what to do in whatever situation you find yourself.
Many of you know that the L&S Honors Program holds a Senior Honors Thesis Symposium each spring, and that we will not be able to hold an in-person symposium this year. Many of you were looking forward to sharing your results; some of you were planning to present your materials as stipulated by having received a grant from the Honors Program. I’m writing to update you all with as much information as we have at this time.
Even though we can’t have an in-person symposium, we would still like to gather Senior Thesis information. This form (formerly the Symposium registration form): https://forms.gle/vg2FQUfAkFHHjKFQ8 allows you to submit your Senior Thesis abstract for inclusion in the Senior Honors Thesis project catalogue (even if your senior thesis is currently under re-evaluation due to your inability to access campus). Since we cannot hold a Senior Honors Thesis Symposium in person, the Honors Program would still like to have a way to recognize your hard work and achievement. We are planning on putting together a listing of students’ projects (title, thesis major, advisor, abstract) that can be shared with people who are interested. Your abstract will be included in this informal program. Please submit your abstract by next Wednesday, April 1, if possible, and contact me if you need more time. (Keep in mind that if you wrote a proposal you probably already have a pretty decent abstract, even if you need to revise it somewhat.)

We are also hoping to have a canvas “course” available where you can post your thesis project (including a video or powerpoint presentation, if relevant). More information on that will be forthcoming. This will include any Honors students writing a thesis, not just grant recipients.
If you received funding through the Honors Program for your Senior Honors Thesisplease read this paragraph carefully. You should submit your abstract through the form linked above. This abstract can include your progress made so far, with the understanding that you might be slightly in limbo at the moment. Knowing that individual projects have been impacted by COVID-19 campus closures, you are strongly encouraged to submit a presentation to the Canvas course mentioned above (details still to be determined), but it will not be a requirement of having received a grant. Your Honors-based grant will not otherwise be impacted, as we understand that these changes have been out of your control.

If you have questions, please contact Matt Kohlstedt at matt.kohlstedt@wisc.edu.