Why Teach Honors

Bonavia-Benden-Zwang.JPGThe College of Letters & Science considers its strong Honors Program an asset. Honors courses provide the kind of high-impact instruction that is an integral and valued part of the L&S mission.

The Honors Program staff is eager to collaborate with faculty and advisors throughout L&S to foster the development of highly motivated, high-achieving students and create meaningful learning experiences for both students and instructors. Please get in touch with us any time you have questions regarding Honors policy or ideas for curriculum development and offering Honors courses. We also appreciate your support in encouraging curious, motivated students to pursue Honors in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the Major, or Comprehensive Honors!

The biggest advantage of teaching Honors courses is getting the opportunity to interact with, teach, and learn from Honors students. L&S Honors students tend to:

  • Love learning and be eager to make the most of their academic experience at UW
  • Be willing to go beyond minimum requirements and confront new challenges
  • Be eager to get involved in original research at the cutting edge of knowledge
  • Wish to apply conceptual or theoretical knowledge in the world
  • Concern themselves with making a difference and giving back to their communities
  • Be lifelong learners who may be considering graduate or professional school

Students pursuing Honors in the Liberal Arts were selected through a holistic application process that deemphasizes test scores and grades and instead prioritizes student potential and motivation to participate in an enriched experience centered on the goals of a liberal arts education. Current UW-Madison students can opt to pursue Honors in the Major for a declared major in consultation with their major advisor and the L&S Honors Program.

Honors Course Funding supports faculty and departments that develop and offer Honors Only courses. A call for proposals goes out to all directors and chairs in the College of Letters & Science early in the fall term, and applications are due later in the fall term for the following Academic Year.

We offer funding that allows departments to develop their Honors curricula without compromising their regular offerings in two ways: replacement lecturer funding for Honors courses and S&E funds for Honors sections.

Learn more about Honors Course Funding.