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Washburn Observatory

Washburn Observatory, home of the L&S Honors Program.

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Washburn Observatory

The L&S Honors Program is located in the historically-renovated Washburn Observatory.

The main entrance to Washburn Observatory is its south entrance (the side facing the School of Human Ecology and Linden Drive).

The L&S Honors Program

The L&S Honors Program serves over 1,300 students in the College of Letters and Science with an enriched undergraduate curriculum. Students in the program pursue the Honors in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the Major or Comprehensive Honors Degrees. The program began in response to a 1958 petition by students seeking more challenging work and opportunities to "delve more deeply" into their fields of interest. Their request and commitment is reflected in our masthead.

In addition to its curriculum, the program offers professional advising services; grants, scholarships, and awards, particularly for introductory and Honors Senior Thesis research; and numerous academic, social,and service opportunities through the Honors Student Organization.

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This website is intended to provide prospective students, current honors students, faculty and staff with information and resources about the L&S Honors Program and Honors education in the college. Thank you for visiting!