Teach with the Honors Program

Ways to Teach Honors

Honors Only

Offer low-enrollment seminars or small, professor-taught discussion sections intended to foster intellectual engagement, active learning, and community for Honors Program students

Accelerated Honors

Cover notably more content or go into greater depth, often at a theoretical level, than in non-Honors versions of a course

Accelerated Honors courses are not limited to Honors Program students, but may have other eligibility criteria.

Honors Optional

Allow individual students to select the Honors Option during enrollment and then complete an Honors-specific project or experience that enriches their learning and complements the standard work for the course

Green Sheets

Form an official, student-initiated agreement that allows a student to earn Honors credit in a non-Honors course.

If you are open to supporting multiple students who wish to earn Honors credit, consider setting up your course as Honors Optional.

Mentored Research

Support Honors students who are seeking introductory research experiences over the summer or completing a Senior Honors Thesis