Dual Thesis Authorization

If you wish to use one senior thesis to complete the degree requirements for two separate Honors in the Major (HM) programs, you may request permission to complete a dual Honors thesis. By filling out a dual thesis authorization form, you propose that your thesis topic crosses disciplinary boundaries to fulfill the thesis requirements for two different majors, which you have already declared and intend to graduate with. To be considered as a dual Honors thesis candidate, you must submit the following to the L&S Honors office:

  • The Dual Thesis Authorization Form (available in the L&S Honors Program office)
  • Brief letters of support from both your primary and supporting advisors (one advisor from each department/major) attesting to your thesis project’s viability and its interdisciplinary nature
  • A one-page proposal that clearly accounts for the intersection between the two disciplines in your thesis and, if appropriate, addresses such issues as methodological practices, conceptual tools and source materials

After you have submitted these materials, your thesis proposal will be reviewed by the Honors Program Advisors. If your project is accepted, the Honors Program will work with your major departments to allow your work to satisfy the thesis requirements for both of your majors (by way of a DARS exception). 

Please keep in mind that not all academic departments allow their HM candidates to pursue the dual thesis option. Alternatively, some departments may allow a dual thesis but require you to complete additional upper-level, Honors or graduate credits to compensate for the overlap. If you are considering the dual thesis option, be sure to consult with your department early to learn their policies and plan accordingly. The Faculty Honors Committee does not typically approve theses to count for more than two HM degrees; such decision will be made by the Honors Program on a case-by-case basis. If you have additional questions about dual thesis procedures, please contact the Honors Program at (608) 262-2984 or by email at honors@honors.ls.wisc.edu.