Completed forms should be sent or delivered to the L&S Honors Program Office in Washburn Observatory for processing. Forms can also be emailed to

Honors in the Major Declaration Form

Please note that the Honors in the Major declaration form requires a signature from both the student and a departmental/major advisor.

Honors Program Withdrawal Form

The withdrawal form should be completed if you cannot or no longer wish to complete Honors in the Liberal Arts and/or Honors in the Major.

Green Sheet Proposal

The Green Sheet Proposal Form should be filled out and submitted the the Honors Program along with 1) a typed Honors project description with the instructor’s signature (details on the Green Sheet Proposal Form) and 2) a Course Change Request form signed by the student and the instructor. Students can produce a Course Change Request form through the Student Center in MyUW.

Study Abroad Petition

Please read the information sheet about Study Abroad petitions before submitting your materials. Completed Study Abroad Petitions, including relevant documentation, should be submitted to the Honors Program once courses taken abroad have been posted to a student’s record.