Study Abroad

The L&S Honors Program encourages all Honors students to consider studying abroad! As you explore your options, learn more about how you can progress with Honors while abroad and how Honors can help you fund your experience.

UW-Madison has many resources to help you plan for any expenses associated with study abroad. Both the L&S Honors Program and International Academic Programs (IAP) at UW-Madison offer funding opportunities that can frequently be used in conjunction to help make your experience possible.

In collaboration with International Academic Programs, there are currently two Honors-sponsored study abroad programs: one in Quito, Ecuador and another in Utrecht, the Netherlands. These programs are designed with Honors students in mind and allow you to earn between nine and eighteen credits of Automatic Honors per term. You can learn more about these and other study abroad opportunities at the International Academic Programs website.

Ceiba Tropical Conservation Semester: Galapagos, Andes and Amazon (Quito, Ecuador)

This spring-semester program includes intensive Spanish study, coursework in ecology, biology, and sustainability, and internship opportunities. Past internships have dealt with reforestation, environmental education, sea turtle monitoring, organic farming, and research.

For more information on the program, including application deadlines and eligibility requirements, please see International Academic Programs’ page about the Ceiba Tropical Conservation Semester: Galapagos, Andes and Amazon and visit the Ceiba website.

Honors at the University College Utrecht Exchange (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

In this program, students enroll directly at University College Utrecht (UCU), the international Honors College of Utrecht University. The college’s special characteristics include an international student body, students’ freedom and ability to compose their own curriculum, small classes, and individual attention. UCU specializes in the liberal arts and sciences, and courses are available in a variety of subjects.

For more information about the program, including application deadlines and eligibility requirements, please see International Academic Programs’ page about the Honors at the University College Utrecht Exchange.

International Academic Programs offer a wealth of study abroad opportunities, and many Honors students participate in international programs not affiliated with Honors. This does not necessarily mean that the experience abroad cannot help meet Honors requirements.

  • If you are pursuing Honors in the Liberal Arts, you can petition for one course per term abroad to count toward remaining Honors in the Liberal Arts requirements via a Study Abroad Petition.
  • If you wish for a study abroad course to count toward Honors in the Major, be sure to discuss this with your major advisor.

Study Abroad Petitions

Before you go:

  • Determine what type of Honors credit you still need for your degree and discuss your plans with an Honors advisor.
  • Check out our Study Abroad Petition Handout for information about eligibility and the criteria used to review petitions.
  • Prior authorization is needed if students intend to enroll for Senior Honors Thesis credit (681 or 682) while away from UW-Madison. See the Associate Director for Advising and Curriculum prior to departure if this is your intention.

While abroad:

  • Save your syllabus and your coursework, especially if you are seeking to petition for Automatic Honors.
  • Make the most of your experience!

When you return:

  • Run a DARS report to ensure that your courses from abroad have been applied to your record.
  • Review the Study Abroad Petition Handout and contact an Honors advisor with any questions.
  • Complete your Study Abroad Petition Form and submit it to the L&S Honors Program office along with any necessary supporting documentation. There is no specific deadline for submitting an Honors Study Abroad Petition, but we encourage submitting materials soon after you return to campus.