Add or Drop Honors

1. Add or Drop Honors Optional Credit

Honors Optional courses allow students to opt into or out of completing the course for Honors credit. If you wish to earn Honors credit, we encourage you to discuss Honors assignments and expectations with your instructor early in the semester and to check your official enrollment in the course.

The deadline to change your status in an Honors Optional course is the twelfth week of the semester. Please determine by this deadline whether you will be able to complete the required Honors Optional work. Changing your Honors status in a course after that deadline requires instructor and academic dean approval.

Directions for adding or removing Honors status are below.

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By the Friday of the 12th Week of the Semester

You can edit Honors Optional enrollment using the Course Search & Enroll tool through the twelfth week of the semester. The deadline for the current semester can be found with the Office of the Registrar’s dates & deadlines. To update your Honors enrollment, follow the directions outlined below.

  • Log in to MyUW and go to Course Search & Enroll.
  • Select “My Courses,” then “Enrolled,” to see a list of your current courses.
  • Select the course that you wish to edit.
  • Select “See Sections” to display the section in which you’re enrolled.
  • Select the appropriate “Do Not Take this Course with Honors” or “Take this Course with Honors” button.
  • Click “Save.”

After the Friday of the 12th Week of the Semester

After the twelfth week deadline, adding or removing Honors from an Honors Optional course requires special approval from the instructor and an L&S academic dean. In cases where a late change to Honors enrollment is necessary, follow the directions outlined below.

  • Log in to MyUW and go to your Student Center.
  • Select “Manage Classes,” then select the box for “Course Change Request” and select the correct term. Click “Continue.
  • Look for the desired course and check the “Select” box. You will now see the various change options.
  • Check the box next to the desired change: either “Add Honors” or “Remove Honors.”
  • Click “Save” to save your request and then click the printer icon to print the form.
  • Sign the form, ask your instructor to sign the form, and submit to the Deans’ Office found on the top of the form. No Dean’s signature is needed before submission.

COVID-19 Update: Forms may be saved as PDFs and submitted via e-mail to the L&S Academic Deans at In place of physical signatures, include both the student and instructor on the e-mail.

A tutorial for generating a Course Change Request can be found here.

If You Have Received a Q Grade

“Q” stands for “question,” and instructors post this grade if your Honors enrollment does not match your actions for the course. In other words, if your are enrolled for the Honors Option but do not successfully complete the Honors assignments (or do complete the Honors assignments, but did not enroll in the Honors Option), the instructor will post a “Q” grade instead of a regular earned letter grade. To resolve this, you should follow the directions above to change your Honors enrollment with a Course Change Request. You and the instructor will be informed once Honors has been removed, and then the instructor can update the “Q” to your earned letter grade for the course.

2. Enrollment in Honors Only Courses

For courses offered with an Honors Only section, you must be enrolled in the Honors Only section to earn the Honors credit. You can verify whether you are in the desired section by viewing your section information in the Course Search & Enroll app or by checking how the course appears under the Honors requirements of your DARS. Please follow campus deadlines for switching sections.

Note that all students in an Honors Only section are expected to complete the same assignments. It is not possible to remove Honors credit from an Automatic Honors (Honors Only or Accelerated Honors) course or discussion section.

Do you wish to join or withdraw from the Honors Program?

If you wish to change your status with the Honors Program, not just your status in one course, we encourage you to speak with an Honors advisor about your plans, interests, and any concerns. You can also find helpful information on the following pages: