Distinguished Honors Faculty Award

The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.

Dorothea Dix, Educator and Social Reformer, 1802-1887

Nomination Process

Each year, the L&S Honors Program solicits student nominations of faculty members (or instructional academic staff) who have had a special impact as instructors of Honors courses, as supervisors of Honors theses, or as teachers and mentors of Honors students. The Faculty Honors Committee reviews these nominations and votes to confer Distinguished Honors Faculty status on the strongest nominees for these awards each spring. Below, we recognize each of these incredible educators and thank them for their contributions to the lives of all students, and particularly those in the L&S Honors Program.

2024 Awardees

Anna Andrzejewski

Credentials: Art History

Excerpt from student nomination:

Professor Andrzejewski has directly influenced my life in so many ways. […] I took the honors only section of Art History 202 with Professor Andrzejewski my first semester at UW, and since then she has been my unwavering mentor. […] Throughout the years, she always made the effort to stay in close contact with me, write letters of recommendation for job positions I applied to, and help guide my art historical research questions. Last semester, I took another art history course with her on Frank Lloyd Wright. She put so much time and effort into the course, and every week we spent our weekly meetings in a different FLW house in Madison. […] I have never met a student who does not respect her as an individual and admire her as a professor. She is truly incredible, and she is the sole reason I felt the courage to write a senior honors thesis, and with her as my advisor I feel fully supported as I navigate academic research.”

Rahul Chatterjee

Credentials: Computer Sciences

Excerpt from student nomination:
Professor Chatterjee’s guidance was very crucial in my contribution to major projects in Computer Security and Privacy. This includes the development of systems to counter compromised web accounts in partnership with DoIT, and the measurement of internet censorship that governments around the world implement, as part of my Senior Honors Thesis. With these initiatives, he not only advanced my technical skills but also instilled in me self-motivation and a unique mindset of building practical and secure computer systems that solve societal problems. […] His commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching research environment has enabled me to excel and contribute meaningfully to the field of security and privacy.

Reinier Hernandez

Credentials: Medical Physics, Radiology

Excerpt from student nomination:
Dr. Hernandez has been nothing short of an excellent mentor, both in research, academia, and life. […] Dr. Hernandez has personally guided my development as a scientist, helping me secure over $10,000 of my own grant funding, present my research at an international conference, and collaborate with numerous faculty colleagues to develop my network and bolster my research skills. He has encouraged me to be independent and develop my own project which will culminate into my senior honors thesis, something that not many undergraduates have the privilege of doing. Additionally, he has facilitated my shadowing of 5 doctors from UW health to help me solidify my career aspirations and prepare to apply for medical school. In short, Dr. Hernandez has been the single best mentor and resource I’ve had at UW-Madison. He has massively influence my aspirations to pursue an MD/PhD program post graduation, and I will be forever indebted to his openness, friendship, and empathy he has shown me since day one in the lab.”

Yoshiko Herrera

Credentials: Political Science

Excerpt from student nomination:
Professor Herrera has been very helpful and supportive when it comes to the honors optional assignments in her class. The honors optional assignments encourage a great amount of engagement in the course that feels above and beyond the engagement required for the readings, lecture, and discussion sections. I find that the great choice offered by the selection of these honors assignments is really incredible, and that the diversity in what we are allowed to engage with allows honors students in Professor Herrera’s class to really make the most of their education in the ways that they want to.”

Past Awardees

  • Meyer Jackson, Neuroscience
  • Alex Levchenko, Physics
  • Walter Stern, Education Policy Studies
  • Martha Alibali, Psychology
  • William Aylward, Classics
  • Anja Jovic-Humphrey, English
  • Jose Rodriguez, Mathematics
  • Martin Zanni, Chemistry
  • Anthony Auger, Psychology
  • William Bement, Integrative Biology, Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging
  • Karen Britland, English
  • Mario Ortiz-Robles, English
  • Song Gao, Geography
  • Patrick Iber, History
  • Shuchi Chawla, Computer Sciences

Honorable Mention

The Faculty Honors Committee singled out the following faculty nominees for an Honorable Mentions as a result of the student recommendations each received for the 2019-20 academic school year.

  • Steven Brooke, Political Science
  • Kristina Huang, English
  • Dan Kapust, Political Science
  • Jonathan Martin, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • Steve Nadler, Philosophy
  • Yuri Saalman, Psychology
  • Joseph Austerweil, Psychology
  • Barbara Bendlin, Medicine
  • Thomas Brunold, Chemistry
  • Emily Fletcher, Philosophy
  • Gloria Whiting, History
  • Allyson Bennett, Psychology
  • Kathryn Ciancia, History
  • Chad Goldberg, Sociology
  • Katherine Hustad, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Seth McGee, Biocore
  • Judith Mitchell, English; Creative Writing
  • Elliott Sober, Philosophy
  • Daniel Quint, Economics
  • M. Thomas Record, Jr., Chemistry
  • Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, German, Nordic & Slavic
  • Harry Brighouse, Philosophy
  • Eric Carlsson, History
  • Loredana Comparone, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Judith Harackiewicz, Psychology
  • Michelle Harris, Biocore
  • Cora Lee Kluge, German
  • Randall Goldsmith, Chemistry
  • Rita Kaushanskaya, Communication Science and Disorders
  • Mario Ortiz Robles, English
  • Timothy Rogers, Psychology
  • Howard Schweber, Political Science
  • Scott Straus, Political Science
  • Danielle Benden, Anthropology
  • David Danaher, Slavic
  • Raymond Deneckere, Economics
  • Ralph Grunewald, Legal Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Maryellen MacDonald, Psychology
  • Tiziana Serafini, French and Italian
  • Susan Bernstein, English
  • Christopher Wells, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Janet Hyde, Psychology
  • Carol Lee, Zoology
  • Peiman Hematti, Hematology and Oncology
  • Richard Avramenko, Political Science
  • Charles T. Snowdon, Psychology
  • William Cronon, History
  • Edward Friedman, Political Science
  • Bryan Hendricks, Psychology
  • Susan B. Horwitz, Computer Sciences
  • Jack W. Mitchell, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Catherine H. Middlecamp, Chemistry
  • Gary G. Weismer, Communicative Disorders
  • Janet C. Batzli, Biology Core Curriculum
  • Richard J. Begam, English
  • Robert Booth Fowler, Political Science
  • Cyrena N. Pondrom, English
  • Jenny R. Saffran, Psychology
  • Kenneth D. West, Economics