A New Era of Influence(rs) Interdisciplinary Panel (Postponed)

This event has passed.

Chadbourne Hall Main Lounge
@ 5:30 pm

Do you use social media? Are there certain personalities you’re drawn to? Do you create your own content? It seems we’ve entered a new era of influence. Young people, particularly college students, have flocked to social media to share their thoughts, experiences, opinions, and influence, and the wave has begun to generate wealth, not only financially, but in terms of opportunity and connection.

Please consider joining our panel of experts as we dive deeper into the real-world impact of this new era of influence (and influencers)! While this event was created in partnership by the L&S Honors Program and Chadbourne Residential College (CRC), all undergraduate students are welcome.

Event details: 

  • Panelists: UW faculty and staff from Communication Arts, Journalism, Life Sciences Communication, and SuccessWorks!
  • This event has been postponed. Please check spring Washburn Observer communications for more details.